Thank you dad for this gift!

Today, Bambi’s dad surprised her with this audio (see below, if you wish).

Needless to say that she was deeply moved… and she smiled too at the seriousness of her young voice.

Perhaps to have fun in the Beirut lock down, Bambi’s dad converted this 40-year-old file from a radio tape format to a digital format.

She can still vividly recall those beautiful childhood memories of how he made the montage with the beautiful music whilst she was reading the poem written as a tribute from a little boy to his mom in heaven.

She believes this Arabic poem, entitled “Oummy” (which means: My mother) was written by the incredibly talented Lebanese poet, Mr. Ounsy el Hajj ( ; 1937-2014).

Bambi would like to express her love for her mom and dad (+ sisters and their smaller families). Without sounding too philosophical tonight, she thanks heaven for having been born and raised in our family :).

This being said, there is nothing more beautiful than the Arabic language to express one’s love to her mother. Miss you mom! Thanks again and miss you too dad.

To conclude this post, a little secret about Bambi as a child: Relatives and family friends used to call her “the poet”. Indeed, it is poetry and diary writing that allowed her to keep her sanity (despite her usual craziness) whilst growing up in the middle of an absurd and cruel civil war.

Dad and mom, thank you for fostering in your children the love of languages!

11 thoughts on “Thank you dad for this gift!”

  1. You read and presented this moving poem to the boy’s deceased mummy so beautifully, with so much sincerity and heart behind it, with so much poetic feeling for the appropriate tone and rhythm, at such a young age, that it’s truly stunning. The beautiful accompanying music does the rest to really make it a work of art. If you ever published a collection of your own poetry, I would not hesitate a second and buy it immediately. This is a beautiful tribute to your family, it must have been a blessing and a reason for gratitude for sure to grow up with such lovely people, even amidst the tragedy of a cruel war.

    1. Bambi is deeply touched by your kind and deep words… Trust that she will share with her dad (and mom) who will be moved too. MANY thanks, Achim.

  2. Wawww I just heard this beautiful sad poem with your adorable voice❤️❤️
    I totally agree with you about being lucky to have some a wonderful family and specially the best parents whom I love soo much ?❤️??? and that’s what made you a very special person ❤️❤️

    1. Dearest Maya, Bambi is touched by your words… ouf. Thank you for your kind words and for honouring Bambi by reading her blog despite your busy life. What can she say about your own family?! Oups– she meant her family too as we are literally friends from one generation to the other :). Bambi looks forward to seeing you again. She loves you so much, dreaming to seeing you again as soon as realistically possible!!

      1. Same for me my dearest Bambi, love you and your beautiful family and miss you sooo much ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see you again soon ???

  3. Mais que c’est magnifique ! La petite voix , la musique qui l’accompagne et la musicalité de cette langue sublime
    Et au delà , l’image d’un père qui « fabrique » une merveille , sa merveille !
    Merci de partager Bambi

    1. Thank you Dearest Nicole– You know how much they love you too! Bless you/your family and… may your parents’ memory remain eternal (please forgive Bambi if this poem was too moving).

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