Estrie, Québec: Isn’t sad when wokeism invades unions, replacing love in workers’ and students’ hearts?

Bambi just came across an article published today in the Journal de Montréal authored by Mr. Louis Deschênes ( It is entitled “Détester Martineau et Bock-Côté est devenu un critère d’embauche” [Hating Martineau and Bock-Côté has become a hiring criterion].

Following a quick English translation, thanks to Bambi’s faithful internet friend called Mr. Google Translate, Bambi will share a BEAUTIFUL older French-Canadian song about the meaning of love by Mr. Bruno Pelletier. It is called Do Love [“Aime” in French]. If you are interested, an English translation will follow the song. How sad that those Estrie older workers and/or younger students forgot how to keep social love alive in their hearts in addition to respecting freedom of expression in their country.

Of note, Québec has always been historically leaning to the left. Sadly, this beautiful left, or healthy socialism, seems to have been forgotten. Bambi misses it. Unfortunately, this politically socially relevant, needed and beautiful let has been hijacked by a radical wokeism, which insists on dividing us, pitting us against each other, cancelling us (if we criticize its excesses or question its ideological orthodoxies), hijacking our institutions, and turning our times into collectively insane ones with much political correctness and intellectual intolerance of the opinions of others. When will we wake up to defend the principle of freedom of expression for ALL once and for all?

“The publication to boost the job offer as a communication officer of the organization Solidarité populaire Estrie makes our columnists react.

Hating columnists Richard Martineau and Mathieu Bock-Côté has become a hiring criterion for a non-profit organization in Estrie, which is looking for a communications agent.

Do you grind your teeth reading Richard Martineau and Mathieu Bock-Côté? This offer is for you!” we read this week on the Facebook page of Solidarité populaire Estrie (SPE), in a message targeting the popular columnists of the Journal.

The publication made to promote the job offer of the organization “for the collective defense of rights” has since been deleted, then replaced by a new one that did not mention the columnists.

“I am now a hiring criterion!” quipped Mathieu Bock-Côté (MBC) by posting the screenshot of the message on his Twitter account.

Hate message

Contacted by the Journal de Montréal, he saw in this publication a hateful message, “even a ritual to vomit on two people who have become targets because of their opinion pieces”.

“If you want to get into the business you have to tap on these two, it’s the entry Pinata. If you hit Martineau and Bock-Côté, you’re part of the club,” he notes.

He also associates these behaviors with the movement of the Quebec left. “It’s very woke. […] It is almost a sign of virtue to insult us. And they took the audacity further by making this hatred against us a hiring criterion.

According to the information collected on its website, the SPE organization was set up in 1986 to promote and defend the economic, social and cultural interests of the people of Estrie with the aim of achieving greater social justice.

Unions and students

The list of member groups is mainly made up of union and student associations as well as community groups in Estrie.

Initially, Mathieu Bock-Côté believed that it was a voluntary association made up of “a few cranks”, before realizing that there were serious organizations behind the SPE.

“We should ask each of these organizations if they endorse these comments,” he said.

For his part, Richard Martineau also finds it disturbing that obtaining a job depends on the allegiances or opinions of a candidate. For him, it’s like going back to the 50s.

“If you were a communist, you were barred from certain jobs and there if you like certain columnists you cannot have the job […] I understand the irony of the matter, they are looking for people from the left, but I find that rather inappropriate. I’m not sure that the governments that fund these kinds of organizations would be very happy with that, ”concludes Martineau.

Here are some important associations in the list of member groups of the Solidarité populaire Estrie organization:

AÉCS-Student Association of the Cégep de Sherbrooke

AGEFLESH-General Student Association of the Faculty of Letters

Amnesty International-Sherbrooke

Regional Council -FTQ Estrie

CSD-Central of Democratic Trade Unions

CCSNE-Central Council of National Unions of Estrie

CSQ-Central Trade Unions of Quebec

FEUS-UdeS Student Federation

REMDUS-Grouping of master’s, diploma and doctoral students at UdeS

SCCCUS- Syndicate of UdeS lecturers

SEE-Estrie Education Union – CSQ

SEIC-FTQ/Canada Employment and Immigration Union – FTQ

SFPQ-Union of Public and Parapublic Employees of Quebec

SPECS- Union of teaching staff of the Cégep de Sherbrooke

CSRS-CSQ SPTA/CSRS technical and administrative staff union“.

Do Love (translation taken from:

“Sleep tight, you who don’t know yet

All that’s awaiting you outside

When life will stick your head in the lion’s mouth

When you come back from school

Setting me [no end of] posers

On life or any other tricky topic

Mmmmm, I say to you Do love

It’s the only true reason for living

The hardest road to follow

It isn’t taught in books

Do love, it’s the law of the Bible

The still workable dream of a universe

In which all men would be brothers

That’s why I say to you Do love

Bite the fruit of paradise

Live your life without taboo

Forget even all that you’ve been taught

And like – like the animal that’s cold

Like the animal that’s hungry

You’ll have to learn to survive alone anyway


So I say to you Do love

It’s the only true reason for living

The hardest course to follow

It isn’t taught in books

Do love: it’s the law of the Bible

The still workable dream of a universe

In which all men would be brothers

That’s why I say to you do love

It’s the only true reason for living

The hardest road to follow

It isn’t taught in books

Do love, make it your golden rule

Against the law of the strongest

And no matter what happens

I’d like you to remember

This single word from your father


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