Mr. Keith Carter: why do we keep picking on him for having stopped his calf’s suffering after a road accident?

Bambi is a wild animal. She surely has compassion for her fellow animals.

Sadly, a calf was badly injured in a road accident in Dorchester on December 30, 2020 ( As a good farmer, Mr. Carter had to finish the suffering of his bleeding calf by killing it on the spot.

Does anyone think farmers enjoy losing one of their precious calves or cows; even if he accidentally may have forgotten an extra pin in the tail gate ( Bambi is saying so thinking of both the emotional and financial levels here? Not even talking about the good man who had this unfortunate accident.

Anyhow, as far as she is concerned, among the several people she voted for in our latest municipal elections, Mr. Carter was one of them. She wanted to support him after the first article in the media informing us of the complaints about his sad incident to the “Canadian Food Inspection Agency” ( Although he got many votes, he was not elected.

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to thank the CFIA for removing the $6000 penalty against Mr. Carter.

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