Mr. Elie Choueri: good-bye with your beautiful song “Samara el Nil” [The brunette of the Nil]

Rest in peace, Mr. Élie Choueri

Today, Bambi was sad to learn about the death of a GREAT Lebanese song writer-singer and musician called Mr. Élie Choueri. What a loss for Lebanon and for the Arab world music. May his memory be eternal and may God know how to comfort the hearts of his family members and numerous fans!

Well, among ALL his fans, Bambi would like to extend her heart now to her own dad because he happens to know Mr. Choueiri. Yes, the world is often too small. They grew up together (not sure if they went to the same school in Beirut or was it just the same neighbourhood?). Those memories are old, that is before this artist’s impressive career. If Bambi’s memory is accurate, her dad once shared that Mr. Choueri has always been a fabulous singer with a beautiful voice. Indeed, he used to sing all the time, bringing joy to his peers (e.g., during summer jobs, etc.).

Mr. Choueri is a musical legend. He used to sing and play the oud (oriental guitar). Bambi cannot even dare to count his VERY famous patriotic songs. They all travelled well across the borders of tiny Lebanon. He also has a lovely song on love with a big L called “Ya Nass Hibo el Nass” [People, Love One Another] in addition to melodies about romantic love and so many different topics. He composed the music, and even wrote the lyrics, of songs for great Lebanese singers, including Fairuz, Majida el Roumi as well as the late Sabah and Wadih el Safi. He partnered with the Rahbani brothers in about 25 plays. WOW (!

If Bambi is not mistaken, we owe Mr. Choueri very famous songs he composed during the darkest civil war years as well as later patriotic songs about Lebanon in general and about a certain famous massacre in particular.

Among his many artistic creations, there is one melody that honours Egypt (i.e., Egyptian women). It is actually a song he composed, both music and lyrics, for Ms. Majida El Roumi. If she may, Bambi would like to pay tribute to Mr. Choueri with this beautiful Arabic song. An English translation, found online (, will follow the song. To conclude, she will dedicate this melody to three readers: Louis, if he happens to be reading this post, because he likes it; and Fatma as well as Laila… They know why.

Thank you, Mr. Choueri, for your legacy. May your memory be eternal… ?.

A brunette like the night and like the looks of the Sultan’s daughter

Her laugh is like happiness sailing over the bays;

Like a morning where the sun plays

Like the dance of the winds into my dress.

From the joy of an eternal land, from the ring tone of an oriental oud

Her light turning… her dancing moves… her Egyptian dialect.

Leaves of wild flowers… wings of sea birds.

Night, silk and hospice…

And the russet lips say: I am Egyptian.

Like the land, it is warm and glorious;

Like the sun, it is old and young.

And she asks me: would you forget me?

Would you always remember my address?

I am all the ages of love; all the stars of the East are on my sleeves.

The wind rug is on my hand and the magic mirrors are in my eyelids.

I am the daughter of the Nile and the glamour of the generations;

You can’t meet me but with beauty.

You can see me in the night moon, sea waves or desert sun.

The have written me on the face of the world, and translated me to all languages;

They missed and loved me…

I am not an ordinary woman…

I am Egyptian!

2 thoughts on “Mr. Elie Choueri: good-bye with your beautiful song “Samara el Nil” [The brunette of the Nil]”

  1. الله يرحمه ويحسن إليه .
    اغنيه رائعه سيبقبي خالدا بأعماله
    وماجدة الرومي تبدع
    شكرا بامبي

    1. الله يرحمه. Yes, may he rest in peace. His songs are superb. Ms. Majida el Roumy excels indeed. شكرا. Thank you dearest Fatma.

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