Do flowers, real or virtual, from loved ones make you feel lucky?

Happy May 1st to all

Today is May 1st. Except in North America where labour is celebrated in early September, today is a worldwide day meant to honour workers and workers’ rights.

In France and in Bambi’s birth country, it is a public holiday; of note, the latter is shared by all the citizens because it is not a religious day off there. Anyhow, religious or not, this holiday falls on a Monday this year and it is always nice to have a long weekend, especially in the spring :).

Talking about spring, there is an old tradition in France, which consists of offering (or selling) a beautiful flower called lily of the valley, called “Muguet” in Molière’s beautiful language. According to legend, this custom began on May 1st, 1661. It all started when King Charles IX was offered a sprig of this small flower as a symbol of good luck.

A picture of a lily taken from the internet.

Today, Bambi has been lucky because, upon waking up, she received a beautiful virtual lily from her friend Greta :). She is also even luckier because she still has a robust olfactory memory of a lily forever associated with her mom who used to wear a lovely perfume called “Muguet“.

To Bambi’s mom and sisters, Greta, this blog’s readers, the world’s workers and volunteers, and to all those of us called Lily, may this day and the week ahead be a lucky one. If she may, Bambi would like to offer you all the following 1959-French song entitled “Le temps du muguet“. While preparing this blog, she learned that this melody was inspired by a Russian love song called “The Moscow’s nights“, which was composed in 1955 by Mr. Mikhail Matoussovski (lyrics) and Mr. Vassili Soloviov-Sedoï (music). Anyhow, may you be safe, happy, and if you happen to be having bad moments on this May 1st, may you keep hope for better days alive, despite the challenges. Yes, today’s sunset will bring you the promise of a new dawn. With the latter, a renewed hope.

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