Bill C-11 on online streaming: Why does Canada insist on possibly looking like Dubai, Qatar, Singapore… or worse, China?

Mourning free online streaming in Canada

Sadly, the Senate has recently endorsed Bill C-11. Indeed, a few days ago, this bill received royal assent. This means it is officially law now (

What is ironic is that our federal government praises Bill C-11 as it will protect “Canadian content” on the internet. The latter may seem noble until we remember what our Prime Minister thinks of Canada: “a post-national country” in which “there is no core identity, no mainstream” (

Bambi had an earlier post on Bill C-11, shown further below, and many more on similar legal authoritarian moves archived on this blog. Recently, Bambi signed a petition, by the Conservative Party of Canada, to try to kill the bill. Below she will share the thoughtful statement of Mr. Maxime Bernier, from the People’s Party of Canada, about this bill in both English and French.

To conclude this post, there is ONLY one song that comes to Bambi’s mind right now… Yes, it is Ms. Nana Mouskouri’s Liberty song.

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