Good-bye, dear “tante” [aunty] Renée

About three months ago, Bambi honoured her aunt Renée on her blog, as shown further below. Today, it is hard to believe that she left our world. Indeed, Bambi is speechless, even if this is life and death is part of it. Of course, we are all heading to that same place, at one point or another (this may be actually the only equity possible on earth).

Thank you for all what you have been to all of us, tante Renée. The most wonderful aunt we can have… and what an inspiring woman. A silent force. A big yet down-to-earth heart.

Bambi sends her love to your daughters, Loulwa and Joumana, who honoured you until your last breath. She extends her condolences to all your family members, in Lebanon and abroad, older and younger. She sends her own mom a BIG hug ? (“bon courage, maman”). Same for her dad and all the friends who are mourning you.

God knows how much your niece had wished she could be with all the family right now. Unfortunately, too many miles stand in the way in addition to life responsibilities. However, what matters the most is the distance between our hearts, not geography.

Tante Renée, Bambi is happy because you and her spouse met and even shared memories during your visit to Montreal. She thanks you for the wonderful memories in Lebanon and Cyprus. She will always remember your legendary calm, especially when Bambi used to share horrific stories during civil war. How many times did she tease you by imitating the contrast between your calm and the craziness outside :). You have helped us all remain grounded and calmer, regardless of our temperaments or fears. Indeed, from you, Bambi learned that we can be highly upset by injustice in a quiet and dignified way.

May your memory be eternal, SWEETEST Renée ? (or “Rénno” as your loved ones call you). Please send Bambi’s warm regards to your dearest spouse when you will be reunited with him in heaven (hello, “Amo” [Uncle] Nkoula habibi ?). Same with your siblings, parents, and dear late ones. Rest in peace now and may you keep watching over your loved ones… in a more silent way.

Ms. Renée Fiani-Assaker’s obituary

4 thoughts on “Good-bye, dear “tante” [aunty] Renée”

  1. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون .
    الله يرحمها رنيه ويغفر لها ويصبرنا ويصبر ببناتها واحفادها البقاء لله وتبقي ذكري رنيه في قلوبنا جميعا .لاننساها

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