“La vie en rose”: is there anything more poignant than Ms. Léa Désandre singing for love?

Two days ago, Bambi paid tribute to Mr. Gilbert Montagné, as shown in the post further below. Today, thanks to YouTube, she discovered a masterpiece of “La vie en rose” [“Life in Pink” in reference to the rose-tinted glasses, which make us perceive the world more lightly when we are in love].

The fun part was that Ms. Léa Désandre surprised Mr. Montagné with his preferred Piaf’s song. Her pure voice singing “La vie en rose” is not only moving, but also uplifting. If you watch the video until the end of her performance, you can appreciate a spontaneous duo of the two great artists.

May the memory of Ms. Édith Piaf be eternal like her songs. Long live love in all its forms and shapes. Long live music!

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