Mr. Gilbert Montagné: Is there anything more moving than his hymn to love [“L’hymne à l’amour”] of Ms. Édith Piaf?

Not only he excels in singing “Les sunlights des tropiques” and “On va s’aimer“, Mr. Montagné paid an incredible tribute to Piaf. Bravo for his interpretation of
the “‘Hymne à l’amour” [Hymn to Love]!

Mr. Gilbert Montagné, Bambi just discovered a masterpiece on YouTube, which is 12 years old. What a performance!

Thank you for singing Piaf in this most moving way. If she may, Bambi would like to offer your version of her “hymn to love” to all the lovers of the world.

For the translation of the lyrics of this eternal song, Bambi did not have to bother her friend Mr. Google Translate. She found the English lyrics at this site: .

The blue sky over us can collapse on itself

and the ground can (really) cave in.

Little matters to me if you love me

I couldn’t care less about the whole world

As long as love will flood my mornings

As long as my body will tremble under your hands

The problems make little difference to me

My love, because you love me.

I will go to the end of the world

I will dye my hair blond

If you ask me to

I will go take down the moon

I will steal fortune

if you ask me to

I will renounce my country

I will renounce my friends

if you ask me to

One could really laugh at me

I will do anything

if you ask me to

if one day life tears you away from me

if you die than you will be far from me

what’s it matter if you love me

because I will die too

We will have for us, eternity

in the blue of all the immensity

in heaven, no more problems

my love do you believe that we love each other

God, reunite those who love each other”.

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