April 13: Honouring a childhood friend while remembering the Lebanese civil war

April 13 is a day of mixed feelings, both sad and happy. Indeed, it is the 48th anniversary of the Lebanese civil war, which lasted from 1975 to 1990. Yet, this day is a beautiful day on which Rita, one of Bambi’s precious childhood friends, was born in Beirut.

While remembering war, Bambi will now devote this strictly musical post to Rita. Of note, one of this blog’s recent posts was also devoted to the same friend, as shown further below.

Today, as a birthday tribute to Rita, Bambi will offer her a few songs. She hopes that some English, French, and Spanish melodies will make her smile while others will make her pause to honour her birth country in both Arabic (with Mr. Marcel Khalifé) and French (with Mr. Mario Pelchat). Sadly, Lebanon remains an unfinished dream country, which is currently bankrupt. Last but not least, Bambi found a YouTube surprise-melody of a mysterious guy who keeps calling Rita’s name : ) as well as a kids’ song , which honours friends.

To conclude, Happy Birthday to dearest “Ratrout” [Little Rita, in Lebanese-Arabic] ❤️! This old friendship has enriched Bambi’s life while growing up in Beirut. It is now connecting her with Rita across the borders of their respective host and beautiful countries, Canada and the United States of America.

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