Ms. Carla Chamoun sings for closure after a breakup

It takes courage to love and to be loved.

It takes great courage to end a relationship despite love.

When was your last heartache after a breakup? Do you remember that pain? How did you find the courage to decide to be lucid, to set boundaries, to respect yourself, to either leave or to let go in order to move on?

Well, Ms. Carla Chamoun’s new song is all about this universal topic. It is called “Khat el Rajaa” [The Way Back].

In this Lebanese artist’s own words, as per Sound Cloud, “this song comes across as a struggle between a love hate feeling of letting go and being peaceful. It speaks every girl’s heart who wants to move on but doesn’t want to hurt the other person. Khat el Raj3a [Name of the song in Lebanese-Arabic; the number 3 corresponds to the 18th letter of the Arabic alphabet] is very dear to me for being a song of moving forward on a good wish for success to what was left, I gave it my best and hoping you will love it as much as I do“.

Bambi is fond of Ms. Chamoun. She likes her latest song and hopes you will enjoy it too. If you are interested, its Arabic lyrics, followed by a quick English translation, appear at the very end of this post after the YouTube song.

To conclude this brief musical post, Bambi wishes you all peace of mind whether you are single, in a relationship, or grieving a meaningful love or a late loved one. Whatever your life stage or romantic journey, may you always remember that the most precious relationship in our lives is with ourselves. Indeed, we all deserve a good self-care and inner peace, regardless of any sorrow, just like in Ms. Carla Chamoun’s beautiful song.

خط الرجعة محيتو”
وحبك انتها
وقلبي هلأ داويتو
وعنك التها

عم بتمنا تكون منيح
وبعدي تلاقي حب جديد
ما بهمني تكون معذب
المهم تضل بعيد
ضل بعيد ضل بعيد

حبك انت غيرني
ودوقني الوجع
وصوتي بهيدي العلاقة
.”ما بعمرو نسمع

The way back I erased it

And your love is over

And my heart I just healed it

And it has moved on

I hope you are doing well

And after me you will find a new love

I don’t care that you are suffering

The important thing is to stay away from me

Far away, far away

Your love has changed me

And it made me taste the pain

And my voice in this relationship

Was never heard“.

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