Systemic discrimination: Had the Lebanese government done what Ottawa is doing, people there would take the streets and there could be another civil war

Bambi just read the following shocking yet not surprising article entitled “Feds commit $10 million to help 200 Black families in GTA buy their first home” (

Why are the Feds dividing Torontonians, and by extension Canadians, by their skin colour? Why not help anyone who is struggling to buy a house and if this helps so-called “Black Canadians” more because of more systemic barriers, bravo?

Why the systemic discrimination instead, which aims to “help” so-called “Black” Canadians buy their first house through a program called “BNI Homeownership Bridge Program“, officially described as “An Affordable Homeownership Option that Enables Black Families to Thrive” (

The irony is that this announcement was made by the Honourable Ahmed Hussein who is supposed to be the Minister of “housing, diversity and inclusion“. Housing and diversity maybe… but where is the inclusion here?

Replacing skin hue with religion, Bambi could not help not to imagine for one second the Lebanese government coming up with the exact same policy to return the savings stolen by them/banks to the Lebanese citizens, according to their religion. Or to help with housing, etc. Only helping Christians or only helping Shia Muslims or only Druze or Sunni Muslims because they are more “equity-deserving”. How would the Lebanese society take the latter? They will run to the streets, citizens of all religions and backgrounds to denounce their government (with a reason). And may God forbid, if such discriminatory practices keep being institutionalized, this could even perhaps fuel another civil war.

So Ottawa, for God’s sake, why are you doing this to ALL of us?

5 thoughts on “Systemic discrimination: Had the Lebanese government done what Ottawa is doing, people there would take the streets and there could be another civil war”

  1. Its shocking isn’t it? Wow… I agree with your sentiments and I see how they are using this ‘divide and conquer’ tactic to divide society and stir up animosity between races… this also extends into the natives vs. non-natives and entitlements… NB has a native grouping of tribes who are legally now [ ] attempting to lay claim to ownership of this province… just in case anyone was wondering why Mayor Andrew Black continues to say we are on unceded territory during his opening comments in the town hall meetings I asked him a while back if he was native – thru his Dad’s side he does claim to be of native heritage… I imagine this will be getting messier and messier as time goes on. Are New Brunswickers aware of this overall attempt to use a minority to take away land rights from the majority yet? I think most are unaware.

      1. Following up on above, in cegep psychology, they told us about systematic versus aberrational injustices being the two main kinds. Maybe the kind Bambi refers to is aberrational?

        1. Bambi thanks you, Fred. Trust that she is eager to do her homework of reading about these terms to learn about what you have been taught in CEGEP.

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