Have you ever tasted Lebanese pistachio ice cream?

Bambi adores ice cream. This morning she was grateful to receive a brief publicly available Instagram video, produced by “Elliott Eatz”, from Salome about the pistachio ice cream of a famous Lebanese shop in Paris called Bachir. The latter shop reminds Bambi of her youth in Beirut where it began and expanded across the entire country. Now, Bachir is present in Paris, São Paulo, and Dubai, according to 961 (https://bit.ly/3ZUfrw4).

If you are interested, below you can watch the video and learn about this particular oriental flavour. It will be followed by a kid’s song honouring ice cream. Mmm!

Dank u wel Salome ❤️.

4 thoughts on “Have you ever tasted Lebanese pistachio ice cream?”

  1. Yes, of course I recall their delicious and abundant blueberry ice cream! It was a highlight of my triumphant return to NB after 40 years’ absence!

    1. What a wonderful place this farm and welcome to you to NB always and anytime! Hopefully the next time earlier than 40 years, Fred :).

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