Life can be too cruel and absurd

Today, the world’s news seem to be TOO tragic in addition to being senseless.

First, internationally, the Turkey-Syria earthquake deaths passes 12,000 ( Can you imagine?! This is double the population of Bambi’s small town when it is filled to its full capacity. Once again, may everyone’s memory be eternal.

Some people are being rescued even after 48 hours, including 3 Lebanese people today (, thank Goodness. Bravo to all those helping hands. Bless them all.

One of the most moving stories that Bambi has ever heard of, in her entire life thus far, is this newborn whose mom gave birth to her under the rubble. Yes, she brought her to life… and sadly died after that ( When the rescuers found the “baby-miracle“, as some called her, she was still attached to her DEAD mother’s umbilical cord :(. Not only that, this cute little baby girl is now the sole survivor of her entire family. Can you imagine?

Yes, that is what is happening abroad, miles away from us, yet we are deeply touched by this human tragedy affecting SO many men, women, and kids in such a brutal way.

This being said, the second piece of SHOCKING news comes to us from Laval in the province of Québec, Canada. Yes, there a man apparently deliberately crashed a bus at a daycare this morning. He was charged with first-degree murder as two children died and 6 others were injured ( Bambi cannot even dare to imagine one drop of the worries and then sadly of the GRIEF of the parents, children, daycare workers, neighbours, etc. Why did those kids lose their lives? So many whys that may not find an answer. Obviously a thorough investigation is needed to try to understand why did this man do what he did. Why did he lose his mind to that extent?

According to City News Everywhere (, the 51-year-old bus driver worked with the Société de transport de Laval (STL). According to the same source, “a neighbour to the daycare said he rushed over to the scene of the crash. Hamdi Benchaabane told reporters children were stuck under the bus, and that he and three parents managed to subdue the driver, who he said had stepped out of the bus, removed all his clothing and started screaming”. Bambi listened to the interview Mr. Benchaabane spontaneously gave to reporters on the street on different French-speaking media. She is speechless… like everyone else on the streets of this neighbourhood of Laval, in Québec, across Canada, and wherever the news of this senseless tragedy will travel.

How do you cope with this, as a parent? As a child? As a daycare educator? As a bus driver working for the same company? As a client? As anyone of us, citizens and politicians? This is not a natural earthquake. This is someone who lost his mind and we do not know if that man would be fit to stand trial, as explained by Dr. Gilles Chamberland, a psychiatrist at the “l’Institut national de psychiatrie légale Philippe-Pinel” (

To end this post, and if she may, Bambi will keep thinking about everyone affected by the earthquake in both Turkey and Syria. If she may, she would like to send her heart to the families of the two children who died today in their own daycare as well as to the other six injured kids; all out of danger now, as per the media links above, thank Goodness. By extension, Bambi’s heart also goes to ALL the families of young children. Her heart also goes to ALL the kids and their educators wherever they are, whomever they are. She has no word and even no song. Nothing. She will only have a prayer for them before closing her eyes to sleep. This is a promise that she is eager to honour.

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