Mr. Alexis Carlier: Thanks Aline for making Bambi discover his talent!

She does not know about you, but Bambi had an inspiring day with two productive meetings with a meaningful vision for the future. Of course, her day has also started and ended with mixed emotions related to the earthquake. On one hand, this continuous sadness in her soul (yes, 5000+ death now and MANY still missing in Turkey an Syria). On the other hand, reassurance and gratitude to God/life for the safety of loved ones in Syria.

Perhaps because she is still lacking words about this disaster, Bambi is happy there is and there will always be music in life. Indeed, this morning, she received a short video of a French song she loves from her friend Aline. The song is performed by a certain Mr. Alexis Carlier from France. It provided her with enjoyable moments during a little break. Thank you, Aline.

The day is about to end now and Bambi is still intrigued by Mr. Alexis Carlier’s superb voice and beautiful talent. After a quick search, she discovered many of his YouTube performances in both English and French. She would like to share some with you, hoping you will enjoy them too.

To conclude this brief post, may everyone’s memory be eternal… and long live music.

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