Ms. Natasha St-Pier: Happy Birthday and thank you for your beautiful “Cantique des Cantiques” [Song of the Songs]!

Today is Ms. Natasha St-Pier’s birthday. For those who do not know her, she is a GREAT international, France-based, Canadian singer who was born in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Happy Birthday to her.

Usually, on birthdays, we offer gifts to those who are celebrating. Well, this post will do the exact opposite: Bambi will share with you Ms. St-Pier’s gift to all of us. The song was produced in 2018, but the musically outdated Bambi only discovered it now before going to sleep. The French lyrics and music are by Mr. Thomas Pouzin and Mr. Benjamin Pouzin, respectively. What a soothing treat to the ears and a joy to the soul.

Last but not least, Bambi would like to offer this song to you Valérie with much love ❤️, if you happen to be reading this post by any chance. Please consider it as coming from both her and and her spouse who joins her in saying: may your dear sister’s memory be eternal… Trust that her memory will forever be alive in Bambi’s heart, along with continuous gratitude for her humanity and generosity. Yes, as a deer as well as a human being, Bambi has been honoured to receive her support ❤️!

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