Happy Birthday, Karen!

This post will start with an addendum, which usually is supposed to go at the end of documents or posts, etc. It is way too important to leave it until the end.

Bambi was awaiting midnight to post this surprise for her niece Karen when her sister Roula wrote, minutes before the breaking news from Nurdagi in Turkey and across the Middle East nearby region, including Lebanon. She informed her about the BIG scare her family and herself had in the middle of the night due to a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which sadly killed at least 5-10 people in Turkey (from early conflicting reports). How terrible. How scary. Bambi’s heart goes to the Turkish people right now. She also feels for everyone across the region, including Beirut where she saw pictures of at least one damaged apartment in An Nahar. She could not help not to think of the fear of people as they may have perhaps recalled the surrealistic port explosion of their city. Roula also informed her that they also felt another (smaller or shorter) earthquake following it. Anyhow, she hopes that Karen (and Rana also featured in this post) were not too scared. She hopes her own parents were not too affected.

OK, the addendum is officially over. Time to highlight Karen’s birthday now. On that note, Bambi has always remembered everyone’s birthday. She wakes up in the morning telling her spouse: today is the birthday of so and so… Sometimes it goes to second generations even, if not more (kids of friends, etc.). She often even jokes, telling him that if she ever develops dementia, the saddest part for her would be to forget the birthdays of her loved ones.

Well, we do not have to go that far in our imagination. Even with a good memory like an elephant, one must keep in mind that our memories are far from being perfect.

Yes, sometimes we skip significant dates. The ultimate rather funny example of this imperfection is actually today, which started two days ago on this blog :). Indeed, before sending her best wishes to her niece Karen, Bambi would like to wish her cousin Rana a Happy (REAL!) Birthday, as both of them share this important day! As per the older post on cousins shown below, Bambi made you Rana slightly older, by mistake. Strategically, she made your brother slightly younger (so she can devote a post to both of you together). Thank Goodness, Karen’s birthday is accurate. Yes, there is hope for Bambi’s memory :).

This being said, and most importantly, Bambi wants to honour you Karen [or “Karrouna” :)] now with a couple of words and in music. You are one of your aunt’s precious blessings in life. Thank you for having existed in the two chapters of your/her life, that is in Canada and Lebanon. Sometimes, it is hard for Bambi’s mind to fully capture all those years, which turned you from the CUTEST baby/little girl you have been in Montreal to the MOST beautiful AND brilliant woman you are right now, living abroad. Bambi loves you beyond words; she is very PROUD of you! She also loves Georges a lot and wishes you both a beautiful life together. Spending time with you this past summer was a dream come true. She looks forward to our next family encounters and celebrations. Until then, all the best!

After the wishes, now is the time to end your post Karen with music, hoping you will enjoy it❤️; thanks to the anonymous person who posted a public Happy Birthday on YouTube meant for someone with your name :). It is yours now!

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