Messrs. Patrick Bruel, Patrick Fiori, Florent Pagny, and Jean-Charles Papi: Do their voices, singing “Terra Corsa”, give you goosebumps?

The unforgettable Corsica….

In a rather random way, Bambi came across this heart-moving song. It is entitled “Terra Corsa“. Its lyrics appear in both Corsican and English languages, following this Youtube video (ps://

First, bravo to Mr. Patrick Bruel, Mr. Patrick Fiori, Mr. Florent Pagny, and Mr. Jean-Charles Papi for their outstanding interpretation!

Bambi has all the reasons of the world to be moved by this song, including a LOVE story with the Island of Corsica ❤️ and WONDERFUL, short yet highly intense, family memories there. She would like to dedicate this song to each of her family members in Sackville, Beirut, Paris, and Dubai. She loves you all… beyond any word, or any note, of any language, including the universal music ❤️❤️!!!

Corsican Land

Corsican land, so beloved

I hold you in my heart

From near or from afar

When I sing, I sing for you

Corsican land, luminous

With beauty like no other

Rare pearl of the blue sea

When I dream, I dream of you

He who leaves, knows

That one day he will return

To his roots in Corsican land

To stay forever on our land

Corsican land, witness

Of sorrows and joys

Head held high and proud heart

If I speak, I speak of you

Corsican land, mother land

Courageous and generous

You gave so many sons

To glory, to posterity

As the Virgin, Our Lady

And Queen of our island,

Turns her gaze to this Corsican land,

When she prays, she prays for you

Corsican land, holy land

When my life comes to an end

I want to sleep in Corsican land

My last dream of eternity“.

Terra Corsa

“Terra corsa tantu amata

Eu ti tengu in core à mè

Di vicinu ò di luntanu

Quandu cantu, cantu per tè

Terra corsa luminosa

Di bellezza cum’ùn ci n’hè

Di l’azzuru a perla rara

Quandu sognu, sognu di tè

Quellu chi si ne và

Sà chi un ghjornu riturnerà

A e so radighe in terra corsa

In terra nostra per sempre stà

Terra corsa testimonia

Di dulore e d’alegrie

Capu altu e core fieru

S’eu parlu, parlu di tè

Terra corsa, terra madre

Curagiosa e generosa

Ai datu tanti figlioli

A la gloria, posterità

Cum’è a Vergina Madona

E regina di a nostr’isula

Gira i so occhji per ‘ssa terra Corsa

Quand’ella prega, prega per tè

Terra Corsa, terra Santa

Quandu a mio vita finiscerà

Eu vogliu dorme in terra Corsa

L’ultimu sognu d’eternità“.

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