Beirut blast: families of the victims stormed the Justice Palace. Do you blame them for being fed up of Lebanon’s impunity?

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Bearing the latter in mind, this post will only consist of the following: (1) three pictures, taken from the Lebanese media; and (2) Mr. Fady Bazzi’s French song about Beirut’s tragedy of August 4, 2020. The video is sub-titled in English and it starts with a couple of the shocking images that were all over the international news on this doomed day. For a reminder about the impact of the Beirut port surrealistic double blast, you may wish to read Bambi’s most recent post on this topic. For your convenience, it is shown at the end of the current post.

Beirut Justice Palace. A picture taken from Sawt Beirut International.
Beirut Justice Palace. Pictures taken from 961.

Bambi’s heart goes to Beirut…

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