Beirut 884 days after its double blast: Is there anything more cruel than total impunity?

Bambi refuses to go to bed without musically reacting to a thoughtful tweet by journalist and author Roula Douglas. Her message reminds us that it is has been 884 days since the double explosion of the Beirut port (August 4, 2020). Yes, “884 days of injustice; 884 days of impunity;884 days since the double explosion, which ravaged Beirut. # They are all criminals.”

As a reminder, we are talking about over 218 deaths, 7500 injuries, 300, 000 instant homeless people, 150+ permanently disabled, over 3/4 of the capital damaged, 4 hospitals totally destroyed, US$15, 000, 000, 000 worth of damage. All this in addition to those who have been traumatized; many of whom migrated around the world.

Bearing the above in mind, there is no word that can come to Bambi’s mind right now to write anything about the level of either criminal negligence or criminality of ALL those involved in this tragedy. Sadly, there is no term that could well express the disappointing yet not surprising silence of the international community.

However, luckily when we lack words in life, there is always music and powerful lyrics we can rely on. Through this post, Bambi will borrow the words and emotions expressed, by talented artists and children, to send her solidarity to Beirut; especially to the victims’ families and to the courageous Judge Tarek Bitar. As a reminder, the latter is the second judge appointed to investigate this case. Without any shame, the political class has been continuously meddling to stop his investigation.

One thought on “Beirut 884 days after its double blast: Is there anything more cruel than total impunity?”

  1. We wish these articles would act as an awakening of the involved politicians’ conscience in this horrible massacre of the innocent Lebanese people.

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