Welcome winter!

I am still here, even if it is winter time!

Did you know that the name of the winter season comes from an old Germanic term, which means “time of water”? Yes, it does and it refers to both rain and snow in middle and high latitudes (https://bit.ly/3BR8bYf).

Well, today is not just the first day of the winter season. It also happens to be the birthdays of President Macron and Ms. Jane Fonda. Happy birthday to all those celebrating their birthdays on this day, including them! Best wishes to all the pregnant women about to give birth on December 21st!

To celebrate the new season, Bambi will share meaningful songs about the winter in French, with the first having English and Spanish translation. The second Vigneault’s song is entitled “Mon pays c’est l’hiver” [My country is the winter]. It is interpreted by Mr. Mathieu Bellemare. The third video is in French, subtitled in English, in which some of you may recognize the famous and hilarious Têtes à Claque (https://bit.ly/3WfVtdO). Bambi thought of them this morning when she cleaned the car from a mixture of snow and rain :).

As for the last Lebanese song by Fairouz, which is sub-titled in English, it is meant to remind us that, even if the seasons or cycles of life change, some important matters like love remain constant in their depth. As the song goes, we remain in love with someone across the seasons (i.e., “in the summer as well as in the winter“). By extension, this song can be a celebration of another continuity, in an ever changing world, including values, ideas, drive, and/or spirituality or faith in humanity. The latter may seem like a stretch to Fairouz‘ song, which is strictly about romantic love. However, if LOVE with a big L (not just romance) is the glue among all this, what Bambi is trying to say may perhaps make more sense. Indeed, regardless of the season, it can result in the following beautiful outcomes: Loving life, living to love, welcoming affection in and between our hearts, leading an enriched life where the power and warmth of love transcend death.

Without much further philosophy, welcome to winter among us! Be safe everyone on the roads!

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