Have you been good to deserve a gift from Santa?

There is something comforting in the lights and in the melodies of our childhood. This post is about one of these melodies.

Yes, it is again selfishly about Bambi’s favourite song of all times since her early childhood. She already asked this question. Do you remember or can you still take a guess what she is talking about? Yes, once again, you got it right: it is “Petit Papa Noël” [Little Santa Claus]. Who knows? If you did not get it right, you may perhaps still have another test opportunity before this coming Christmas. If not, there is always next year :).

Below, Bambi will share with you an original French version by our most talented Mr. Maxime Landry. This will be followed by Ms. Mirelle Mathieu’s German version of Petit Papa Noël” and by two versions in Lebanese-Arabic.

For her own fun before sleep, Bambi will conclude this musical post with Baby Lilly kids’ version of the same song and with two different Arabic Santa-related songs from out of Beirut, Lebanon, one of them sub-titled in English.

Thank you Santa for the magic in our lives, regardless of our chronological age ❤️!

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