Time for a Christmas Medley in French and Arabic: Thank you Ms. Hiba Tawaji!

The first French Christmas Medley does no need any introduction. You will recognize the melodies where you hear them. One thing is sure: Ms. Hiba Tawaji’s voice is so uniquely beautiful. And what can we say about her look and way of being? She puts her heart and soul into her songs. Imagine when the latter are Christmas carols from her own childhood. It is simply magical.

The following song-prayer gives Bambi goosebumps every year since her early childhood in her birth country. Like all the kids of her age, she sang it too (mind you, once, this was on TV, along with her classroom– thank Goodness as the group covers the frog’s voice :)). Seriously now, this song is about the night of Christmas [Laylat El Milad]. A night when hatred ends. A night when war stops. A night when love blossoms. A night when the planet becomes full of blossoming flowers… and love!

2 thoughts on “Time for a Christmas Medley in French and Arabic: Thank you Ms. Hiba Tawaji!”

    1. Thanks Maya for taking the time to write a comment. Bambi is so happy you enjoyed the songs. She misses you big time! Merry Christmas season to you and to your lovely family ❤️!

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