NB Municipal Politics: What can Sackville or Tantramar learn from FIFA/Doha, Qatar?

If Qatar/FIFA managed to have Palestinian and Israeli soccer fans on the same airplane (https://fifa.fans/3EYP68k), why can’t Sackville (or Tantramar now) learn to respect politicians and political candidates for Mayors of all spectrum and ideas?

Why are we attacking Ms. Bonnie Swift like this? Why can’t we just not vote for her, period, end of the story like in any democracy?

Who are we to judge and attack any of her (past) ideas on any topic related to another level of governance (i.e. federal in this case)? She is free to have any opinion at any particular time, like all of us. As a citizen, she is also free to change her opinion or to be right or wrong. She is FREE even in a society hijacked by political correctness in collectively insane times.

Ms. Swift describes herself as politically fluid in her own vote or opinions. She has been a green party supporter for a long time, we learn from her Facebook page. She has voted for different parties in her voting lifetime. She is smart. She adjusts her political opinions as/if needed. Bravo to her (https://bit.ly/3Owa6X8) for using her political brain and for having a spine too.

Sometimes good ideas come from the so-called left. Sometimes from the so-called right. Why should we always label any opinion on any topic like the evil right wing? Just because the left is in power now? Or is afraid of losing its power or feels entitled to behaving in this non-classy way, to say the least? And, of course, when the right is in power, it is the opposite that would happen. The right will abuse of its power just to hold on to it. Is this a politically healthy way of envisioning our societies and countries? Is this how we solve or prevent economic, environmental, or social problems?

Why can’t we have healthy and inspiring public debates anymore? Why don’t we value diversity of (political or intellectual) opinions anymore, ironically in a town, province, country, and world that brag about pro-diversity.

How narrow-minded we have become. How intolerant. How divided. It breaks Bambi’s heart to see Canada in this state.

In the meantime, REAL municipal and local issues are forgotten, or diluted, in a debate that is far from being elevated. Who would benefit from this attack now? those who think they are the kings or queens of political shenanigans? Those who have silenced Councillor Bruce Phinney in the most inhuman and undemocratic way, that is without health coverage?! When will we re-learn to be politically more mature and compassionate with each other again? Any hope for that?

Bambi will end with an earlier post about the excellent political platform of Ms. Bonnie Swift. We are free to vote or not (even if we have a right and responsibility to do so), to vote for her specifically or not, but for God’s sake, let’s educate ourselves. Let’s read her platform. Let’s listen to her. Not just to a tweet taken out of context here or there, regardless of any opinion we may or may not endorse.

As for you Ms. Bonnie Swift, to conclude this post, Bambi will say that she still finds your platform refreshing and promising, whether you win or not. Thanks for the hope and sorry for the current attacks.

17 thoughts on “NB Municipal Politics: What can Sackville or Tantramar learn from FIFA/Doha, Qatar?”

  1. In today’s political climate, “racist” is the go-to pejorative in most every conversation. The moment one person feels that they are losing the argument, they call the other a racist. Apparently, anyone who is black or of colour that is not a far-leftist is a racist. I doubt the Black scholar Thomas Sowell is a racist. But leftism is a sickness and these white men attacking a women of colour for having views different from their own are mentally disturbed people. Once we understand that then we can just move on. Leftism s not Liberalism. Leftism is a disease of the mind a disease that leaves the sufferer with not an ounce of critical thinking ability — and, sadly, there is no cure for. To these people anyone who does not think like them is a racist. You are not, they are mentally ill people we know that now, the studies have shown just that. Keep being yourself Bambi. You are wonderful and brave soul. Both you and Bonnie have achieved more in your lifetimes than these losers could even dream of. Great respect to both of you. Let the white male misogynist wallow in their own leftist/loser misery.

    1. Bambi thanks you Susan for your kind words; you too, keep being yourself. Like you, Bambi values authenticity in life. As for Ms. Bonnie Swift, it was both a joy and an honour to chat with her and read her clever, promising platform.

  2. So backward and disturbing to see a group of white men attacking Bonnie Swift online for her personal opinions on topics that have nothing to do with the election. This began with white men in the community accusing Bonnie for quoting famous black economist, Thomas Sowell, who they see see as racist for making honest observations from his own lived black experience. Equally disturbing and ironic: Dr. Azar, a non-white woman accused of racism by white men, simply for being honest, comparing her lived experience as a non-white person in her original homeland to her experience in Canada. Thank you for your blog, and for your gentle honestly Dr. [Bambi]. You are far from disgraced, you are a hero. Such love in all your words. I look forward to when you can teach my daughter. ❤️

    1. Hello Marie, welcome to you on the blog! Your words move Bambi’s heart. She is honoured by them AND by the idea of one day having your daughter as her student. Thank for your kindness ❤️. As for economist Thomas Sowell, Bambi has the utmost respect for him. Same for the courageous, and competent, Bonnie Swift, regardless of the outcomes of these elections and regardless of any expressed viewpoint (whether unpopular around here or not, etc.).

    2. According to the Chinese who lived through it, this is exactly what happened in China 60 years ago, led to The cultural revolution which destroyed all social institutions so badly. That the Communist Party had to abandon it. Now western countries are picking up where China left over. It seems absolutely ironic, insane and sad that we are unable to learn from the mistakes of others cultures. We seem to think we are immune to making the errors of their philosophy because the errors of our philosophy are more deserved. The errors we are making (in part) is that we can’t see things from their perspective when our ego’s have convinced us that our philosophy is superior. We need to learn humility again.❤️

      1. Thank you, Dale for your insights. Food for thought, at least for Bambi who believes this is your first time commenting on her blog. So, she wants to welcome you now and wishes you a good one. May love prevail in our communities and beautiful country ?.

  3. Nobody is attacking Bonnie Swift. Surfacing Bonnie’s own words is not an attack, it is informing the electorate.

    Swift ran as a “transparency” candidate. She claims to be socially liberal.

    However, after her troubling views surfaced, she has done nothing but lie, and hide. She immediately deleted all of her tweets (not deactivating twitter, which she claimed, but purposefully deleting all tweets, as is evidenced by the fact that her account is still active, and all of her old likes and follows are still there.

    She claims to be a social liberal, but has espoused hateful racist and transphobic comments – and refuses to answer for that in any way.

    If Bonnie truly wants to be a transparency candidate she wouldn’t delete posts from citizens refuting her lies, she wouldn’t ban potential constituents from her facebook page for asking questions, she would address this openly and honestly – but she won’t.

    1. Hello Mike (Brown), Bambi believes this is your first time writing on this blog. So, she wants to welcome you, to begin with. Bambi thinks you got it right: Ms. Swift is running on transparency and this is what is badly needed in our municipal governance. Now when you say that she deleted her tweets, if you check her official Facebook page, you can read that it is rather her spouse who deleted them because he was VERY concerned for her safety while she was campaigning in Midgic. Bambi cannot speak for her comments, but she is always very careful when messages are taken out of context. Although she did not check each of these tweets very carefully, she does not see where are racism and transphobia in them. She sees opinions that may not be common in official Sackville. May she ask why you are pretending that she is lying and hiding. This morning, precisely, Bambi listened to her/about her on the CHMCA radio station. Bambi salutes her courage. If you put yourself in her shoes, what would you do differently? Again, thank you for taking the time to write on Bambi’s blog.

      1. I come from a mixed-race family my brother is black he was adopted when I was five when my own parents already had 5 kids of their own. That was in 1969. Everyone knows my family and my father he has lived in Dorchester 83 years. What Mike Brown has been suggesting would be viewed with absolute disgust in Dorchester and by most of Sackville. The funny thing is he is getting me more votes. I had one old friend from Dorchester say they rallied 50 more votes for me in both Dorchester and Sackville from typical non voters due to his sickening attacks. Thanks Mike.

        1. Bonnie, there’s a great proverb that says: never forget that slave owners raped their slaves. having a black brother is not a pass that proves someone isn’t racist. In fact, you can be black and be racist towards your own black community. The author of this blog is in fact an example of this.

          And quoting you isn’t an attack, its6 holding you as the author of your violent tweets, accountable for how gross your thought process is. My favorite is u capitalizing on your black brother as trump did his black friend.

          Freedom of speech ends when another person’s freedom to exist peacefully and safely ends.

          As for the offer of this blog, you are what we in the POC community refer to as a bootlicker.

          A community member of color who is well aware of what’s up.

          1. It is not up to Bambi to reply here (even if she will comment still), but rather the courageous Ms. Bonnie Swift who ran in our municipal elections against all odds. Bambi will post your comment as the municipal campaign is thankfully over now (Ms. Swift had enough of people attempting to make it fail). As for you Mo, you are welcome on this blog. Writing directly to someone is usually a a sign of respect even if your words may sound too harsh and unfair to Ms. Swift. You wrote “Freedom of speech ends when another person’s freedom to exist peacefully and safely ends”. Who is unsafe here? Bambi’s understanding is that it is Ms. Swift who was the target of aggressiveness, not the other way around. Her spouse even feared for her safety (with a reason, trust Bambi who knows what she is talking about here). Anyhow, your words are still very thoughtful in general. Yes, we should all be concerned for each other’s well-being and peace of mind. Your concern for this gives Bambi hope in our shared humanity and harmony. For that, she thanks you and welcomes you again.

  4. Thanks Bambi – I appreciate you and Bonnie Swift for your maturity and good intentions in a small town.
    Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this election race – it has been a very interesting so far.

    1. Many thanks Sally for your kind words and your continuous support. This being said, Bambi joins her voice to yours to send her support, along with virtual kindness, to Ms. Bonnie Swift in the current unfair and unkind times of her excellent campaign thus far. Good luck to all the candidates (Councillors or Mayors, etc.). Good luck to democracy and freedom of thoughts and expression not just here, but everywhere in Canada, Lebanon, and the entire world.

    1. Bambi thanks you, Will, in solidarity. May kindness and fairness always prevail in our world, regardless of any opinion on any matter in life. Best wishes!

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