Mr. Gad El Maleh’s change of faith: A personalized, spiritual “lived experience” of the heart

Bambi adores Mr. Gad El Malheh’s humour. She has older posts featuring the talent of this Casablanca, Jewish-born, French artist shown further below.

Today, she would like to thank Louis for sharing an article from an Israeli media about Lebanon’s unfolding political drama. At the very bottom of this informative article, another one grabbed her attention ( It is entitled “”Jewish comedian who was a source of pride for French Jews converts to Catholicism“. She immediately guessed it must be on the talented Mr. Gad El Maleh. Indeed, it was. She read the entire article, out loud, to Louis who had a single word coming out of his mouth over and over: “Wow“.

Indeed, “wow” for this very surprising news, to say the least. As per the Times of Israel article cited above (, Mr. Gad El Maleh seems to have been deeply moved by the Virgin Mary (Jesus’ mom) for whom he prayed before each of his shows. Bambi immediately had a thought for his parents while reading. She learned from the article the following: After their initial own “wow moment” , they decided to support their son in his spiritual journey. Bambi salutes their courage and especially their love for their son.

These were the words of Mr. Gad El Maleh, taken from the same article ( “She told me: ‘You’re changing a God so may as well change parents,’” he recalled from a conversation that made its way also into the screenplay and the film. Those words “were very violent, they hit me very hard,” Elmaleh said. “But here’s the thing, which I also explained to her: I’m not changing Gods. I still believe in the same God.”

Anyhow, regardless of your heart’s change of faith Mr. El Maleh, ALL your shows will forever remain full of talent. Indeed, Bambi still knows, almost by heart, your very first one, before you became a worldwide star (in English as well as in French). Yes, she is thinking of “Le cousin” in which you refer to your Canadian cousin who comes to get you out of the Mirabel airport, which is “all yellow“. It is through this same “yellow” Montréal-Mirabel International Airport that Bambi’s family arrived to Québec, upon their migration to Canada, on a certain June 17, 1990 (as per an older post shown below). This airport ( operated before the switch to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport located on the west island area of Montreal. As per one of Mr. El Maleh’s jokes about Canada, the latter is “all beautiful, all yellow” [“il est tout beau le Canada, il est tout jaune“] :)!

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to wish Mr. El Maleh all the best for his new autobiographic film “Reste un peu” (“Stay a While”). Whether Jesus and Mary are in his heart or not, may he be merry in his personal life. May he keep both entertaining and inspiring us in his public life!

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