Let’s we forget, let’s be grateful: Remembrance, originally Armistice, Day!

Nearby town: Amherst, NS
A picture taken by Bambi in Amherst, Nova Scotia, in 2019

Today is the anniversary of the Armistice agreement of 1918 that ended Word War I (or the Great War). Yes, this yearly memorial is about the end of hostilities.

Stated differently, this anniversary is about the welcoming of peace, sadly after the horror of a conflict that lasted from 1914 to 1918 in which millions died and millions more were injured, widowed, and orphaned (https://bit.ly/3fUjlnc).

On this day of November 11, at 11 AM, Bambi will pause with her fellow Canadian citizens to remember those who died in military service and pay tribute to those who served in wartime. To all of them, she will say: Thank you. Oui, merci.

May the world’s leaders, including those of our country and its friends, remember the tough historic lessons of wars. It is never too late to embrace peace as well as love. May they and may we all remember how to solve conflicts with good will, reason, and diplomacy (as much as realistically possible).

2 thoughts on “Let’s we forget, let’s be grateful: Remembrance, originally Armistice, Day!”

    1. Thank you Fred. Bambi also prefers that name instead of Remembrance Day and surely instead of Veterans Day. It seems more accurate.

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