Canada’s wildlife and fall’s skies

In addition to its magnificent landscapes, Canada is blessed with an incredible biodiversity. Indeed, according to our federal government’s web page (, there are “about 80 000 species known to exist in Canada, excluding bacteria and viruses“.

Bearing the above in mind, the current post is meant to share with you the following: (1) two pictures of Canada’s wildlife taken by Gina; and (2) a third picture featuring the autumn’ sky taken by Diana. Both Gina and Diana generously accepted to share their pictures with you, dear readers of Bambi’s blog.

After watching her friends’ pictures, one song came to Bambi’s mind. Yes, it is “L’hymne à la beauté du monde” [The hymn to the beauty of the world], interpreted by the moving Ms. Isabelle Boulay. The lyrics of this meaningful French-Canadian song, by Ms. Diane Dufresne, include a beautiful sentence that goes like this in English: “Let us make the earth a great garden for those who will come after us“. In the spirit of the latter wish, and if she may, Bambi thanks all those who devote funds, time, and energy to preserve Canada’s wildlife; not only for us, but also to “those who will come after us“, as per the song.

A picture of a moose taken by Gina on the side of a street in New Brunswick
A porcupine eating grass. A picture taken by Gina on the side of a street in New Brunswick
A picture of the beautiful sky taken by Diana in northwestern Nova Scotia

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    1. Thanks to you Diana rather for your beautiful picture in addition to your kind comment ?. Please keep on appreciating beauty [and sharing it too : )]!

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