Homosexuality: trapped between Islamism and wokeism

In a radical interpretation of Islam, homosexuality is “haram“, which means forbidden because it is not “halal” (or kosher). It is not surprising then to learn from a CBC article (https://bit.ly/3EhZE2j) that Qatar Soccer World Cup Ambassador expressed the following opinion: “Homosexuality is ‘damage in the mind’… “Gays ‘will have to accept our rulesand homosexuality “is a spiritual harm’ “. Shocking, isn’t it?

Now, what is wokeism or the woke culture saying about homosexuality? The words below come from out of a respectable university in France where homosexuality seems to be at the centre of an LGTBI workshop.

Indeed, the Université de Toulouse II is advertising this workshop entitled “Towards a racial history of sexuality in Europe” with the following (translated) words: this workshop proposes to “hustle a whitened history of (homo)sexualities” and study “the problem of degenerate anuses”, and “the emergence of ‘a colonial homosexual discourse’ “. Does the latter make sense to you? If it does, please feel free to leave a comment to help Bambi understand what looks like a highly absurd language to her.

This being said, if you understand the French language, you may wish to read the original text, which was re-tweeted by Dr. Mathieu Bock Côté. Thanks to him for keeping us informed about what is happening in France. He is currently living there lecturing and hosting a successful TV show.

To conclude this post, once again, the words out of Qatar come without any surprise to Bambi. As for France, this country usually knows how to resist odd or extreme ideologies. Therefore, it is troubling when our collectively insane times seem to have also reached its universities.

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