Lebanese Opera singer, Mr. Marc Reaidy Baz: Bravo to him for winning the Foreign Music Artist Award in Turkey!

Happy news out of Lebanon have been rare over the past three years, except when it comes to the talent of its people across all fields (e..g., arts/music, science, sports, etc.).

Well, here is a post meant to share happy news with you about the international success of Mr. Marc Reiady Baz in Turkey – thanks to 961 for keeping us informed (https://bit.ly/3stcST3)!

A picture taken from 961. Bravo and “Mabrouk” to Mr. Marc Reiady Baz for winning
the Foreign Music Artist Award at the “Altın Çilek Ödülleri” [“Golden Strawberry Awards”] in Turkey!

If you are interested, you may listen to Mr. Reiady Baz singing “Rise Like a Phoenix“!

To conclude this brief musical post, and if she may, Bambi would like to offer Mr. Marc Reiady Baz the famous “Mabrouk” song of Mr. Rami Ayach. Please keep singing while being an Ambassador of talent and hope to your country!

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