Born on October 23: The French grammarian, lexicographer, and encyclopedist, Mr. Pierre Larousse (1817-75)

Yes, Mr. Pierre Larousse was born on October 23 in 1817 ( For those of you who do not know him (you do not know what you are missing!), he is the founder of “Éditions Larousse” (yes, with its “Petit Larousse“!), a historic and prestigious French publishing company specialized in reference work, including dictionaries.

May Mr. Larousse’s memory be eternal. To thank Mr. Larousse for his incredible legacy, Bambi will allow herself to offer him, and through him all the Francophones and Francophiles of our planet, a unique song, which is made of 5 words only! As you can see in the video, these terms were randomly chosen, from the Larousse dictionary, by the talented Mr. de MIRO BELZIL. Mind you, the first word is quite interesting [Louis, are you reading :)]?

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