Mr. Richard Martineau: “Should we ban Halloween? [“Faut-il interdire l’Halloween?”]

In this post, Bambi is assisted by her friend, Mr. Google Translate, in translating a thoughtful (and funny!) article by Mr. Richard Martineau published today in the “Journal de Montréal” [].

Of note, if you do not have a leftover of a sense of humour, taken away by much political correctness, maybe you should think twice before either reading this article or celebrating Halloween… at least in the province of Québec :).

This being said, here is Mr. Martineau’s article:

The Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) [the governing body for Registered Nurses in this province] has launched a campaign against sexy nurse costumes.

We got there, friends.

The healthcare system is cracking everywhere, 18-month-old babies are sleeping on stretchers in the corridors of Sainte-Justine Hospital, nurses are on the verge of depression from working overtime, healthcare workers have to be brought in from abroad to compensate for the labour shortage in our hospitals… And meanwhile, the OIIQ is launching a campaign against sexy nurse costumes…

As if that was the big problem of the Québec’s healthcare system!

Girls wearing fishnet stockings to their Halloween party instead of beige compression stockings with big rubber boots!

After that, we wonder why so many Québecers are on antidepressants…


It’s Halloween, damn it.

We dress up, we eat candy, we scare each other and we have fun.

Can we have fun one day a year, just one day a year, without a group, an organization, an association, a federation, a union or an NPO lecturing us?

What’s next?

The Ministry of the Family will get involved? The government will set up a committee to oversee Halloween?

I never thought I would say that, let alone write it, but I miss priests. The real priests, with a cassock and a Roman collar. At least, if we didn’t want to hear them, we just didn’t have to go to mass, we had peace.

Whereas today, priests are everywhere.

Have you noticed ? We have never had so many priests since there are no more priests!

And they are interested in every aspect of our life.

What we eat. What we drink. How we move. What we are looking at. What we read. What we listen to. What makes us laugh. What excites us.

What name do we give to our children? What colours are their pajamas. How many centimetres there are between our thighs when we sit in the subway. What pronoun do we use when talking to our neighbour?

And how we should dress up on Halloween.

No sombreros! No feathers! No kimonos! No djellaba! No sugar! No crisps! No gendered clothes! No sexy costumes! No blood!

The list of prohibitions grows every day.


I am for equality between men and women. At 110%.

What’s good for Kitty should be good for Puppy.

We fight sexy nurse costumes on the pretext that they are… sexist? Perfect!

But let’s also fight the costumes of sexy firefighters, sexy policemen, sexy soldiers and sexy cowboys [oh no :)].

Let’s ban the group Village People!

Hey, let’s all carry potato bags on Halloween!

That’s right, potatoes! And that would be ecological…

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