Happy Birthday, Ms. Nana Mouskouri!

Bambi has the utmost respect for the great Ms. Nana Mouskouri.

Today, she has a tender, not just a fond, thought of her because it is her birthday! Yes, she was born on October 13, 1934 in Chania, Crete in Greece ( https://bit.ly/3SZhBHM). Happy 88th Birthday Ms. Mouskouri!

To pay tribute to this inspiring artist’s long career, Bambi will feature some of her NUMEROUS songs, including one she has posted, more than once, on this blog as it honours liberty. Yes, in the beautiful language of Molière, Ms. Mouskouri has “sung for freedom, has cried for its pain, and prays for it each time it shakes“.

Ms. Mouskouri has also melted Bambi’s heart, as well as many other hearts (perhaps yours too), by singing Christmas carols.

She also sung Oh Happy Days in a remarkable, and fun, way. Bravo to her as well as to the artists singing with her.

She also sang the English version of “Prendre un enfant par la main” [“Taking a child by the hand“]. She does not know about you, but Bambi loves the original French song.

So far, we have listened to Ms. Mouskouri in both English and French. Let’s keep in mind that she was able to sing in many other languages, including but not limited to German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Welsh, Mandarin, Corsican, and of course Greek, her mother tongue! She has sold over 350 million albums worldwide!

Here she is singing “My Way” in English on German TV, followed by a song where she wishes the sunshine a good morning in the beautiful language of Goethe!

Below we can listen to her singing, in Arabic, Dalida’s “Salama Ya Salama“. The latter is a song celebrating a safe return home, following a fun trip!

Next is a lovely Greek medley by Ms. Nana Mouskouri. She does not know about you, but Bambi is dreaming of sunshine and of the Mediterranean sea now. Yes, she is, even before going to sleep : ).

Now, let’s change language and emotions to the more dramatic famous French song of Mr. Jacques Brel, which is entitled “Ne me quitte pas” [“Do not leave me“].

Have you enjoyed the above, even without fully understanding the lyrics? The latter is one of Bambi preferred songs in life. Regardless, here is an English version of it, entitled “If you go away”.

Last but not least, Bambi will conclude with a song to Armenia called “Pour toi Arménie” [“For you Armenia“]. Its lyrics were written, and its music composed, by Mr. Charles Aznavour and Mr. Georges Garvarentz. What a wonderful tribute to all the victims of the horrible earthquake of December 7, 1988. Ms. Mouskouri was one of the many artists who participated in this project, as you can see below (https://bit.ly/3TkvC2f).

To conclude this post, once again Happy Birthday Ms. Nana Mouskouri! As for you dear readers of this blog, Bambi hopes you have enjoyed this post. She is addressing the latter comment to all of you, perhaps more so to one of you in particular, if you happen to be reading until now. You can guess why and, if so, best wishes to you too!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ms. Nana Mouskouri!”

  1. Belated happy birthday to Nana Mouskouri, and to all others who celebrated their birthdays on that day ?

    1. Thank you, Achim, for your kind wishes to Ms. Nana Mouskouri. May all those celebrating on this day be happy too :).

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