Time to relax with Ms. Shireen Abusaad’s songs in Arabic, Italian, and English!

This post is a little selfish one. Yes, it is meant to bring joy to Bambi’s ears before sleep. However, if she may, she would like to share with you a few songs, interpreted by Ms. Shireen Abusaad, from out of Lebanon. She hopes you will enjoy them too. As a reminder, Bambi discovered this young artist’s voice/talent a few week ago. If you are interested, you can see earlier posts about her at the end of this one.

This being said, the first Egyptian-Arabic song, featured below, is a celebration of positive thinking: Yes, a call to keep living with our peace of mind, that is without letting anyone or anything disturb it, at least for a long time. Just living the moment, letting go, and enjoying life. To share with you, and for fun, Bambi translated the beautiful lyrics of this song in two older posts also shown further below.

The second Italian song is Bella Ciao. Ms. Shrireen Abusaad posted it on Youtube in October, 2019. Maybe it is a coincidence. However, if Bambi understands her birth country well (not an easy task!), Lebanese people may associate this song with their protests, in the streets of Beirut, following the crash of their country’s banking sector.

The third English song is Mr. Frank Sinatra’s Killing me softly whereas the last English melody is Ms. Whitney Houston’s eternal I will always love you.

Thank you Ms. Abusaad for your beautiful voice. Bambi thanks you for having made her day… just before sleep :). Please keep singing!

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