Mr. Richard Martineau: “The Wokes live in the land of unicorns” [“Les Wokes vivent au pays des licornes”]

In this post, Bambi will translate Mr. Richard Martineau’s French article into English, with the assistance of her good friend Mr. Google Translate. Martineau’s article appeared today in the Journal de Montréal (

The world is split in two.

Not Beatles versus Stones, but Realists versus Idealists.

Those who see the world as it is versus those who see it as they would like it to be.


Take the story that La Presse published on transgender inmates.

A dozen inmates with very violent pasts have been transferred to women’s prisons after “self-identifying” as women.

They did not go under the scalpel and did not undergo hormone treatment.

They just said they “felt” women. According to a new federal law that came into effect last May, that’s enough to be transferred from a men’s prison to a women’s prison.

However, once transferred to prisons for women (which are more comfortable and less severe than prisons for men), these “individuals born male” began to harass and assault female prisoners!

To say one former prisoner (who was born female and identifies as female – like 99% of human beings who used to be called “women”):

These men try to ease their pain in a less constricting environment by pretending to be women, but some also seek to approach women because they’ve been in it for a very long time, and they want to having sex.”

But what did a trans rights activist interviewed by La Presse say? “

“I find it unrealistic to think that a person changes sex only for the purpose of assaulting women. The idea of ​​the trans predator is a legacy of patriarchy. What is needed is to degender society as a whole. Schools, then public toilets, and one day prisons”.

For her, it is unthinkable that men can lie to improve their lot and rape women! It’s a fabrication! An invention of the patriarchy!

To tell you how much God is given without confession to men who self-identify as women: an inmate who filed a complaint after being assaulted by a trans prisoner was even called transphobic!!!


Same naivety about people who self-identify as Indigenous.

In its latest issue, Maclean’s magazine published the results of an exhaustive survey that one of its journalists conducted in Canadian academia.

We learned from this article that many people have falsely self-identified as members of the First Nations to take advantage of positive discrimination programs and obtain very well paid and sought after positions in the academic world! We didn’t check! “This woman self-identified as Indigenous? You have to take her word for it!” For these people, it is unthinkable that people pass themselves off as natives out of simple interest!


In short, wokes wear rose-coloured glasses.

Do you call yourself a woman? Do you call yourself native?

We take your word for it!

Because in the land of unicorns, everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice!

Here, I identify myself as a banker.

Can you give me a job as a manager at the Royal Bank?” [even if Bambi is not politically correct enough to be a politician, today she identifies as the Ambassador of Canada in Greece, can she fly to her preferred beach, called Lindos, in Rodos : )? Although Bambi is joking like Mr. Martineau, she thanks him for his article because she is seriously worried about Canadian female inmates. Why aren’t we concerned about their safety?!].

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