A historic deal between Lebanon and Israel over maritime border!

The good news seems to be satisfying to both parties. Even the Hezbollah gave the green light. Bambi is eager to read more about this deal, but for now, she will just write the following: Bravo to everyone, especially the USA (i.e., Mr. Amos Hochstein) as a mediator. May this deal bring BADLY needed prosperity to Lebanon (rich gas exploration) and security to the region!

Orient Le Jour (French Content):


Orient Today (English Content):


To conclude this brief post, negotiations and satisfying settlements are surely much better than wars, blood, and tears. For that, Bambi will conclude with the “Mabrouk” song to both countries, to the entire region, and to our world.

All the best for the promising economic news…

4 thoughts on “A historic deal between Lebanon and Israel over maritime border!”

    1. Bambi thanks you for sharing Fred. Fingers crossed for the best, indeed. By the way, bravo for your Arabic 🙂 (equivalent for Congratulations or Mazal Tov)!

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