Is there anything more meaningful in life than love?

She does not know about you, but Bambi loves “L’essentiel” [The essential thing] of our GREAT Canadian singer, Ms. Ginette Reno. This morning, she discovered a beautiful interpretation of this song by another artist, also from Québec, whom Bambi had the honour to meet in graduate school. She will name Mr. Nicola Ciccone who is filled with both talent and humanity.

In a world filled with increased intolerance and indifference, thank goodness, there is also the magic and power of love that can transform us to make us better human beings, not just in the face of dramatic adversity, but also simply yet deeply in our daily lives, as per this super French song, which can be translated as follows (

“The essential thing

Is to be loved

Everything else matters little

The only truth is

To count for someone,

whatever may happen

It is about entering someone’s heart and never leaving it

It is about receiving as much as we wish we could give

To no longer belong to one’s self, to be comforted on account of it

It is to see the joy in another and to melt in happiness

To earn another’s trust and to become a better person

The essential thing

Is to be loved

Notwithstanding what may be claimed

It’s not about being rich or famous

For those are just wind passing through

I believe that what is essential is made of little nothings

Having someone waiting for you at night, running

to greet you

One of the most beautiful gifts

that life has given us

is when our name

seems like a compliment

The most essential thing

Day after day

Is the loud laugh of a child, rushing towards you

And who tugs at your heartstrings as a means of saying hello

What more can you ask for

When those arms are holding you

The rest matters little, the only truth

Is to count for someone

no matter what life has in store

Even if being one day exiled in a foreign country

but to have, in one’s heart, someone to talk to

It is to inspire in another, a feeling so powerful

That it may survive us beyond death

It is about being loved, again and forever

My Love …

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