Bravo, Mr. Christian Corbet, for creating King Tutankhamun’s forensic facial reconstruction in Sackville, NB, Canada!

The picture to the left was taken from the CBC.
The one to the right from Britannica

A big thank you to the Warktimes for informing us about one of the latest and greatest achievements of Mr. Christian Corbet. Bambi is referring to Mr. Bruce Wark’s article entitled “King Tut ‘reborn’ in Sackville 100 years after discovery of his tomb” (!

From the above Warktimes excellent article, we learn the following: ” Corbet created King Tut’s forensic facial reconstruction for a two-hour PBS documentary on the ancient ruler filmed to mark the 100th anniversary of the discovery of his tomb in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile near the city of Luxor.

Of note, Mr. Christian Corbet seems to have “insisted on doing it here in Sackville“. As also reported in the Warktimes (, this artist’s own words were as follows: “I wanted to work from my home, that’s where my studios are,” he says, “and I thought this was something that would benefit not only our province, but our little town.” For more details about this project, you may wish to read the full article in question.

Thank you, Mr. Cobert, for your inspiring talent. Indeed, Bambi had the honour to visit your studios. We are not just lucky, but also blessed, to have the latter located in our small town. Indeed, Mr. Corbet’s creations have been collected by over 100 100 art galleries, museums, and other institutions worldwide. He is regularly cited in the international literature. The Canadian Government has awarded him coat of arms and badge. He is also the recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal in addition to numerous honourary titles by our governments. In addition to his arts and being an art historian, he is a great lecturer, a devoted mentor as well as patron. In addition to his shining career, excellence in arts, and inspiring work ethics, those who know Mr. Corbet, as a valuable member of our community, appreciate his humanity and personality.

To conclude this post on a musical note, Bambi will end with a song that pays tribute to Egypt. It is in Arabic, entitled “Sallem ala Masr” [“Send my regards to Egypt“], and sung by Ms. Hiba Tawaji from out of Lebanon. If she may, she would like to offer it to Mr. Corbet, Mr. Wark, Fatma, and Laila!

10 thoughts on “Bravo, Mr. Christian Corbet, for creating King Tutankhamun’s forensic facial reconstruction in Sackville, NB, Canada!”

  1. Thank you Mr. Corbet for your quick reply!
    Waiting to see your great work as soon as it is published.
    I think Bambi will be one of the first who will visit the museum 2023.
    Lucky Bambi!

    1. Mmm Fatma, Bambi has an idea for you. You can always come to visit her and you go together to visit Mr. Corbet’s studios :).

  2. Great work of Mr. Corbet!
    Have you seen it during you visit to Mr. Corbet Studios? Is there any final sculpture of it?
    I’d like to see the final picture of the face of King Tut. Thank you Bambi for sharing and for the beautiful Egyptian song.

    1. Thank you Fatma! Bambi has not seen it (but so so many other great sculptures). Count on her to inquire about it and get back to you as soon as possible!

    2. Fatma,
      The actual sculpture will be released as an image on “Tutankhamun Allies and Enemies” which airs internationally on 23rd November 2022. An interpretive musem space is opening in Sackville to display my process in 2023. Stay tuned!

    1. Bambi is honoured to post your comment, Christian (Corbet). You make her and make us ALL proud! You will impress many more now, especially those with a link to Egypt :). Please keep up your great work, Mr. Corbet!

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