Isn’t Mr. Paul Waked’s version of a famous Egyptian love song by Mr. Amr Diab charming?

What a lovely love song.
Thank you Mr. Paul Waked!

Today’s post will be musical and brief. It is simply about Mr. Waked singing an Egyptian song that usually has a faster rhythm, which is literally a call to dance. Here, this melody is being sung by Mr. Paul Waked with his soul, not just his voice and guitar, as instruments. Bravo and thanks to him.

There is nothing like love and music in life. In Bambi’s mind, this song is and will forever be associated with celebrations of love with music at her sister’s wedding in Montreal MANY years ago [hello Roula/Doudou :)]. Yes, we had fun and danced until the early hours of the morning when Bambi had to literally run to her university to write a statistics undergraduate final exam in the middle of a HUGE snow storm.

To conclude, and If she may, Bambi would like to offer this song to three dear persons: Roula and Doudou, of course, and… you Fatma who also danced to this song and who may be reading this post now. Long live the Egyptian music :)!

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4 thoughts on “Isn’t Mr. Paul Waked’s version of a famous Egyptian love song by Mr. Amr Diab charming?”

  1. I like slower versions, generally speaking. Maybe a prejudice, but to me slower often means deeper and more thoughtful. So thumbs up for this version 😉

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