Is it normal to have our hotel reservations, booked a while ago, cancelled to host refugees?

Bambi has never ever imagined that a respectable hotel in a respectable metropolis of a respectable country will abruptly cancel reservations of customers, three nights before their trip, without advising them, to host refugees from now until May, 2023. If someone would have told her this, she would have not believed it. Well, no one needed to tell her about it. It just happened to her today, believe it or not.

Following her story that made her rush to find a room at another hotel, she searched the mainstream media and found these older three articles, from the CBC, Epoch Times (, and True North ( that could perhaps tell us part of the story of what is happening…. not all of it. They seem to tell us that this program purportedly for Ukrainian refugees may be used for other refugees claimants.

Although Bambi has the utmost compassion for refugees and immigrants (since she is an old one), she would like to know for whom these programs are meant precisely? And why existing reservations cannot be honoured? Can someone explain this to her, please?

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