One of the simplest pleasures of life: Sitting on one’s balcony to appreciate sunsets

With her permission, Bambi does not want to go to bed without sharing with you a beautiful picture taken earlier today in Lebanon by her sister Roula while sitting on her apartment’s balcony facing the Mediterranean sea.

A picture taken by journalist, author, and professor Roula Douglas
on her balcony in Beirut, Lebanon.

Bambi has already shared on her blog how much she appreciates sunsets (or after-sunset times) because they hold the promise of a new dawn.

A new dawn is a promise of a new hope. Is there anything more meaningful and powerful in life than the latter?

As one of Bambi’s friends in town once said, dawns or mornings are a blessing as we open our eyes grateful that we are (still) alive.

Yes, being alive, or rather feeling full of life, is highly rewarding. Indeed, every moment of our lives is usually worth living. Of course, this includes joyful, sad, or mixed moments of our lives, including grief journeys with their valuable lessons.

Without much philosophy, Bambi will stop here to share two songs about the sun. The first melody is by Dalida and it is called Soleil Soleil [Sun, Sun]. Believe it or not, Bambi still freshly recalls this TV moment, most likely in Germany, from 1984 (she was 12 years old back then).

As for the second song, it is originally by the late and great Sabah, a Lebanese diva. It is about hope in life. Precisely, the hope of the sunrise of the feast’s sunshine. Bambi had posted this song on her blog once. Here, it is interpreted by Mr. Marwan Khoury, a talented singer from her birth country whom she just discovered. To conclude this post, Bambi will leave you with an English translation of this lovely song, hoping you will enjoy it as much as she did!

Tomorrow the feast’s sun will rise

With the promise of a new day

Live today

Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

If life feels like all wounds

Your tears won’t do you any good

Let the sad song

Sing in your feast’s evening

Don’t let the days slip away

Slip away from your hands

Live today… Love today

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away

Don’t blame the garden’s flowers

It’s not their fault their thorns are big

And thank your God, human

For he has made you see those thorns

Flowers are picked up in April

Flowers don’t last a day

Like flowers live the day

Today is here… Tomorrow is far away”.

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