Ribale Wehbe sings Byzantine chants: What an angelic voice!

She does not know about you, but Bambi adores Byzantine chants. Maybe because they remind her of her parents, of their charming Saint George Greek Orthodox church, or of childhood memories.

Anyhow, before sleep last night, quite randomly while searching Youtube for other purposes, Bambi discovered a young singer from Lebanon: Ms. Ribale Wehbe. How talented! Bambi could not help not to wonder if her parents knew her.

Ms. Ribale Wehbi studied musicology at the Antonine University. She plays the oud and the guitar. However, as she explained accurately (in French) in the interview below in Rumania where she participated in a musical competition, Byzantine music does not use any instrument. If Bambi recalls well, the entire church musical liturgy is based on 8 melodies only.

Of note, Bambi will clarify that two of the pieces below are for Easter and Epiphany, respectively, while another one is a famous psalm. As for the very last song, it is not from the Byzantine liturgy. It is actually an Arabic translation of a famous English Christmas Western carol.

To conclude this post, Bambi is already a fan of your talent, Ms. Ribale Wehbe. Thank you for these beautiful spiritual or just artistic moments (depending on how one wants to perceive them). Best wishes for your professional career… and bless your angelic voice!

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