Batroun, Lebanon: A place forever associated with you Rana… and thank you Laila for capturing its magical sunset!

One thing Bambi learned from a recent trip to the Middle East is the following double fact: (1) Lebanon is in a state of a heart-breaking human tragedy; and (2) Lebanese people seem to want to forget about their fate by appreciating their nature.

Indeed, the people of Lebanon seem to love their sunsets. How could they not appreciate them when they are blessed to have the Mediterranean Sea to the west of their tiny country?

Mind you, the residents in the mountains of Lebanon, located in east side of the country, also appreciate their beautiful morning sunrises as well as their dawn and dusk times.

Well today Bambi learned that even European tourists learn to appreciate the fabulous shades of sunsets, as you can see through this post :).

Before sharing Laila’s two beautiful pictures, Bambi would like to thank you Rana for having made both Laila and her discover the Batroun region from the coast up to the mountains with its superb landscapes (a piece of heaven!), delicious fruits, and welcoming people. What a memorable day/night that could have been entitled “Cousins’ adventures while touring Lebanon” :).

You are definitely a VERY talented tourist guide, Rana. The best in Lebanon! You happen to also be a wonderful woman as well as a generous human being. In the near future, Bambi will take the time to share your pictures and video of sunsets facing the Chekka Bay. As you know, the latter is dear to her heart. Indeed, it is filled with our fun beach memories during older trips to Lebanon.

As for you Laila, what can Bambi say about you? You are beautiful inside and out. You are smart yet humble and SO sweet. Your wisdom is inspiring and Bambi will repeat that it was an honour and a pleasure to be your roommate. Thank you for being you and thanks to our dear hosts 🙂 ❤️❤️!

To conclude this post, Bambi will add the following: she loves you, Rana and Laila. She is blessed to call you both her cousins ❤️❤️. To try to make you smile, she will end by offering you the same French kids’ song she once surprised her other beloved cousin “Coco” [Christiane 🙂 ❤️] with on her birthday!

A picture taken by Laila in Batroun, Lebanon.
A picture taken by Laila in Batroun, Lebanon.

6 thoughts on “Batroun, Lebanon: A place forever associated with you Rana… and thank you Laila for capturing its magical sunset!”

  1. Wunderschöne Bilder von einer wunderschönen Stadt. Es gibt bestimmt noch viel zu entdecken in Beirut. Thanks for taking Sarah Laila with you Rana and [Bambi]. She has injoyed that day very much.

  2. Love you Bambi i can t express how happy i was exploring again and again places in my beloved country Lebanon accompagnying the most beautiful person i know inside and outside you didn t change always loving and caring. and Laila the beautiful young lady and what great pictures wowwww i thought i was the only one taking nice shots for sunset but no Laila is much more talented. A la prochaine.

    1. Bambi is deeply moved by your kind words. You made her smile too :). She thanks you for your comment, Rana. She loves you big time and is happy you had fun too. Indeed, Lebanon is a treasure worth being discovered, re-explored, and cherished endlessly!

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