What an honour to Lebanon: Bravo to l’Orient Le Jour for being awarded the prestigious “Grande médaille de la francophonie” by the Académie française!

Félicitations! Mabrouk to the L’Orient Le Jour!

Bravo and thank you L’Orient Le Jour (OLJ), which is making us all proud!

If she may, Bambi would like to extend her heartfelt congratulations to all the OLJ team, including her own sister Roula :)!

Here is the wonderful information by:

TV5 Monde:


Courriel International:


Arab News (in French!):


And, of course, by L’Orient Le Jour itself, with a comment by the GREAT Mr. Amine Maalouf:


Of note, the Académie Française unanimously honoured OLJ!

Furthermore, this is the first time in history that this most prestigious honour is awarded to an organization (i.e., media), not an individual. Not surprising given the standards of excellence of OLJ, which “defends, since its creation, the values of democracy, pluralism, openness toward others, and dialogues among cultures and religions” (https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1304365/lacademie-francaise-honore-lorient-le-jour.html)!

“Mabrouk” and thank you L’Orient Le Jour (OLJ) for existing in Lebanon and for being a continuous beacon of light in the middle east and in our world!

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