Bonne fête Canada- Happy Canada Day!

Thank you Canada for being a welcoming country to deer and humans from all over the world.

Thank you mom and dad for having brought Bambi and her siblings to our beautiful country thirty-two years ago.

As Mr. Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote once about his birth country (not his USA): “YourLebanon is not “my” Lebanon. We can apply his piece of wisdom to Canada today. We all love it in unique ways: Those of us who are upset. Those who are grateful. Those who are feeling guilty. Those who have mixed feelings. Those who want to erase, destroy, cancel… or those who prefer to remember, learn, grow, and to move forward together in a harmonious way as much as realistically possible.

Regardless of our own ways of highlighting this day, may love and hope always shine in our hearts, minds, and on “our” Canada… regardless of how each one of us perceive the latter at a particular time of its short yet dynamic history.

For Bambi, Canada deserves to be celebrated and today is its day. So Happy Canada day to her adoptive country and to ALL her fellow citizens ❤️!

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