Ms. Pascale Machaalani’s new song: A call to visit Beirut!

Bambi would like to thank both her Lebanese-American internet radio station from LA (yesterday eve) and her friend Aline from Nova Scotia (today) for introducing her to this new song. It is a call to fly to Beirut this summer. Yes, a musical invitation to all the Lebanese diaspora and the tourists of the world.

In the song, we see Ms. Machaalani and her friends wearing T-shirts with the names of each town, village, or Beirut’s famous neighbourhoods. The lyrics go like this: “The summer is here, “yalla” [Come on!] let’s fly to Beirut… whatever happens, we only have you Beirut. You remain a diamond in the the Levant. Yes, your name will shine again one day”… and then the singer names all the regions, cities, towns of Lebanon, including Beirut’s neighbourhoods. Her song ends with beautiful words of hope in Arabic about how the dark cloud will move away in the end and the sun will shine again on the Lebanese capital.

While listening to this song, Bambi could not help not to recall her sister Rania’s words about the sadness in the air of Beirut. She was referring to the economic tragedy that may be perhaps more visible in the city than in the mountains or on the beautiful beaches, etc. Indeed, one must keep in mind that many parts of Beirut have been totally destroyed, or hit hard, by the surrealistic blast of the port on August 4, 2020.

May the summer 2022 bring hope and some healing to Beirut. May it also hopefully inject some fresh money into the market, which would contribute to save, and ideally revive, Lebanon’s economy.

Thank you, Ms. Mchaalani! Happy and safe travels to all!

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