Likely under the influence of wokeism, the University of Québec in Rimouski prevented Dr. Frédéric Bastien from giving a talk on the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution!

For Bambi, it is clear: The University of Québec in Rimouski (UQAR) owes Dr. Frédéric Bastien ( apologies for having prevented him from giving a talk on its campus. It also owes Québeckers an explanation as to why other politically-oriented talks are regularly offered on its campus, but not this one? Is it because Dr. Bastien has criticized in the past extreme multiculturalism, which lends itself to movements like wokeism. Student associations have been highly critical of him because of the latter ( ttps://

Should the UQAR apologize to the general public for having been yet another Canadian university attacking academic freedom? Today it is the turn of Dr. Bastien. Tomorrow whom? And the day after tomorrow whom?

Isn’t enough enough, Canada? Indeed, it is about time to start re-committing to the principle of freedom, as a value or a principle. Bambi means by this a respect for the freedom of expression for ALL and respect of the rights of ALL. It is only when we return to principles for the sake of principles that our rights will be truly protected and respected. This means respect of freedom (i.e., Academic-Freedom-Freedom of expression) for ALL of us, not just the most powerful people, regardless of whom they are, at a particular time in history. In other terms, when one of us is under attack, we are all at risk of being under attack in the future. Make no mistake, it can happen to you too. it is just a question of time.

All this being said, Bambi sends her FULL solidarity to Dr. Bastien who filed a complained to the Commission des droits de la personne. Good for him! Bravo also to the CEGEP of Rimouski for welcoming him on its campus to give his talk!

On a more personal note, too bad Bambi is busy now, she would have gladly driven all the way to Rimouski to listen to this outstanding historian, lecturer, and journalist. She enjoys reading him and learning from him. It is her hope that younger Canadian generations will learn how to learn from all conferences and historical or scientific point of views. It is surely not by censoring our intellectuals that our universities will teach them how to build their critical sense and widen their horizons.

To conclude this post on a musical note, two songs come to Bambi’s mind. Both are on the value of freedom, thanks to Mr. Georges Moustaki (Ma Liberté sub-titled in English) and Ms. Nana Mouskouri’s song for liberty.

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