On which planet does Mr. Jean Charest live? Surely not planet Canada of 2022

Mr. Jean Charest is hoping to win the leadership of his Conservative Party of Canada. Today he tweeted the following in Canada’s official languages:

He is telling us that, in Canada, we live in one of the freest countries in the world :). Should we smile, laugh, or cry? At the moment Bambi posted the above, 788 readers liked his comment. What does this tell us, Bambi wonders?

Doesn’t he read the news about increased surreal censorship sagas in our country, including but sadly FAR from being limited to Bambi?

Just for the sake of a single example, didn’t he hear what happened in Ottawa with the Canada Freedom Convoy and was reported in respectable international media like the Economist (https://www.economist.com/the-americas/justin-trudeau-invokes-emergency-powers-to-shut-down-canadas-freedom-convoy/21807705). Mind you the latter article also mentioned Bambi’s case as an example of how illiberal Canada became [sadly under the still called the Liberal Party of Canada].

Yes, didn’t he read about the truck drivers and farmers? Doesn’t he read about artists who apologize out of fear of being cancelled or called racists or whatever else? Just today, there was a story from his province of origin (https://www.lapresse.ca/arts/musique/2022-05-27/le-festival-nuits-d-afrique-perd-sa-porte-parole/melissa-lavergne-est-une-enfant-de-nuits-d-afrique.php?fbclid=IwAR1-wcupRYDZJeETyB82m4G5-T7uND94JdXsFi6NH4qnq61Yydb7oJ403e8).

Is Mr. Charest running for the largest opposition party or for the party in power? And would there be any difference?

To conclude this post, and if she may, Bambi would like to offer Mr. Charest, Dalida’s song. Yes, it is the exact same melody she offers to Mr. Trudeau on this blog from time to time :). You have probably guessed that it is Dalida and Mr. Alain Delon’s eternal song “Paroles, Paroles” about the “blahblahblah” of beautiful yet empty words in (some) romantic relationships :). Sometimes people like to hear nice words so badly. They seem to be in denial or deceive themselves, especially when they are in love. They do not seem to care about reality checks or walks. In other terms, talks seem to be enough to act as a pleasant music to their ears, at least until their next disappointment or major couple crisis. Will potential voters of the Conservative Party of Canada be like the latter when they will chose their next leader? Time will tell…

3 thoughts on “On which planet does Mr. Jean Charest live? Surely not planet Canada of 2022”

  1. I don’t even know why Charest is running. He’s another one of those former Tor ycabinet ministers who could have been PM Canada a long time ago if he had stuck around longer when he was Tory leader. That was in fact his second chance after being betrayed on racist grounds by third-place candidate Jim Edwards at the 1993 leadership campaign in favour of the less competent western Canadian and non-francophone Kim Campbell.

    Third point, does Charest actually expect Quebeckers to elect him joyfully and return 58 Tory seats à la Brian Mulroney?

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