Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté in Le Figaro: «Fête des mères ou fête des gens qu’on aime?» [“Mothers’ Day or the Day of the people we love?”]

Is Bambi’s mom who, 49-50 years ago intuitively knew she was carrying a girl in her womb and even chose her name, simply “one of the people we love“? How is that possible? Yes, are our mothers “people we love” and are we to our children “people they love“? Why can’t we still call the most meaningful spade of our life a spade? Don’t mothers of the world deserve it?

Thank you Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté for your thoughtful article in Le Figaro from which Bambi learned the following (https://www.lefigaro.fr/vox/societe/mathieu-bock-cote-fete-des-meres-ou-fete-des-gens-qu-on-aime-20220527):

The media informed us this week that, in a growing number of French schools, Mother’s Day is replaced by a strange name, namely “Day of the People We Love”. The stated reason is often the same: Mother’s Day would discriminate against children from single-parent or homoparental families, or, even more, against those who are victims of parental abuse. Why then confine love to an exclusive figure to which not everyone would have access?

Behind this claimed sentimental pragmatism, a completely different movement is revealed, which we have become accustomed to associate with deconstruction. In the name of diversity, It is a question of erasing all clearly marked cultural or anthropological symbols, to replace them with more general terms, often floating, and even elusive, deemed more “inclusive” and less restrictive…”.

The rest of the article appears in the link above in a free-of-charge-format, as explained by Dr. Bock-Côté below:

To conclude this post, which seems to indicate collectively insane times have also reached France, Bambi would like to end with a kids’ song she loves so much. She would like to end with a song written for French mothers. A couple of years ago, she offered it to her own mom in Beirut on her Mother’s Day, which falls on March 21st. It is entitled “Maman, les petits bateaux ont-ils des jambes” [“Mom, do small boats have legs“?]?

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