A surprise across the miles: Happy Birthday, Valérie!

Valérie, your cousin Bambi cannot help not to recall our childhood when she used to tease you by repeating on your birthday that whatever will happen in life, she will remain a year older than you. Well, this comment was in honour of the Lebanese saying “A day older, a year wiser“. Back then, you did not like Bambi’s joke. However, in our middle ages, who knows? Perhaps you are starting to appreciate this “mean” family humour. Regardless, just remember to respect seniors, starting with Bambi :).

Seriously now, the above was meant to make you smile. After all, chronological age is just a number. Bambi loves you so much ❤️, thinks highly of your wisdom, and wishes you a wonderful birthday. Enjoy all the love of your family and friends!

Thanks to the person who made this individualized birthday song public on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “A surprise across the miles: Happy Birthday, Valérie!”

  1. Thank you Bambi , I remember all the teasing . Thank you for the birthday wishes

    Love you so much cousin?

    1. :)– Thank you. Bambi’s heart is also filled with much love for you dear cousin! Have fun today ❤️!

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