Inshallah: Will tomorrow be a better day or is optimism a robust bias?

This musical post is about hope for “a better tomorrow”.

Hope for a sunny day after the long rain.

Hope for change following elections’ results.

Hope for love after a long absence.

Hope for peace and prosperity after insecurity and misery.

Hope for an extended hand in friendships among different religions, political views, and nations.

Optimism to shape wise and courageous decisions and acts of love among people, even in baby steps.

Hope for a better tomorrow just for the sake of hope.

To what extent are our brains hardwired for hope and optimism? What about the difference between our expectations and the outcomes of a situation or process? The latter is known as “optimism bias” and it is an integral component of human nature. In processes of adversity, how can we learn to expect the worst yet hope for the best?

Here are some songs related to the topic of a better tomorrow in English as well as in French and Arabic (subtitled in English). Bambi hopes you will enjoy them!

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